O1 Visa Sponsor

Welcome to the official website of OARCH Talent Agency.

OARCH is a talent agency which exists specifically to allow people to apply for O-1 visas into the United States with our sponsorship. O-1 visas are a work visa that allow a person to enter and work in the United States for many different employers, usually in the fields of entertainment or athletics.


Reach out to us and let us know you’re thinking of Applying for an O1 Visa. We’ll talk to you about the field you want to go into, your background, and whether our agency would be right for you.


When applying for an O1 Visa you need to submit an itinerary to US IMMIGRATION. This itinerary is a rough overview of the work that you will be doing while in the US. You should work with us to come up with some ideas of the work you might want to do while in the US.

If it is a good fit, we’ll refer you to a law firm we use to make sure that all O Visa paperwork is filed correctly.   We’ll work with them to make sure that your O1 Visa is not lacking in sponsorship


We help sort out the contracts and relationships of the previously worked out itinerary. If you find any opportunities that you would like to add to the itinerary, please contact us immediately and we will help facilitate those contracts.

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